So one day… I was sitting there with despair that my D&D 4th edition campaign “Time of Chaos (Anshook Del Iris)” had reached the high 20’s in level. The campaign was coming to an end with only several sessions left. So I decided I needed to get the jump on my next campaign. I was staring at the monster builder tool and I wondered… “What kinda of monster do I want to make?” And then a monster from Final Fantasy VII popped into my head. And voila! It came to me! Most of my players love Final Fantasy. And those who haven’t got to play the games (or who don’t play RPGs should have the chance to experience a great story! So I picked my PSP Go and started logging the game. Dialogue, Characters, and Monsters. I looked up online resources for Monsters statistics, and Items, equipment, materia and accesories, and it all began to come together. This will be a very fun campaign.

Final Fantasy VII